Friday, May 18, 2007

I want a magic mouse

Nothing to do with SOA, but for about the millionth time in my career I've just been annoyed by the inability of mice to transfer "cut and paste" between two machines.

Basically I have my big monitor on one computer which does the searches and my Gmail etc and I have the dev station where I'm doing some coding to stop my brain going to mush while I am a bit ill (Shingles). The scenario is simple. I search on one machine, I find a good link and a good page and I want to cut and paste the link from one computer to another.

Yes I know that the mouse is a "physical" device, but my mind thinks that its the thing that controls the pointer of the screen I am currently looking at therefore why should it matter about cut and paste? Now back in the old XWindows days I would often have 2 machines or more on the go but I would have Emacs running on both boxes at the same time so there was never a problem.

I want a magic mouse that can link to two computers, respond based on where I am looking and just work like I want.

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Stefan Tilkov said...

If both Machines are Macs, the awesome answer is called "teleport".

David Coffin said...

I've heard good things about Synergy

Aleksey said...

Take a look at Multiplicity by Stardock.

It looks like its exactly what you want.

Claus said...

I'm also using Synergy. It works seamlessly between my two Windoze machines but my colleague was using it on his Mac/Win combination before discovering Parallels...