Friday, June 01, 2007

Will Eclipse Solve the BPEL/WSDL problem?

I raised a bug/feature request last year on Eclipse to enable properWSDL/BPEL mapping after I'd talked about the problem of current tools having only BPEL to WSDL (as in 1 BPEL = 1 WSDL) mapping, quick as a flash the eclipse folks responded . But now it looks like it might not make it after all... the latest comment says ominously that
------- Comment #2 From Michal Chmielewski 2007-05-31 18:30:48 [reply] -------

We'll see if we have time for this ...

It will be a real shame if the eclipse project just churns out another 1-to-1 mapper as that really doesn't help BPEL become a first class citizen in a decent SOA.

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Antoine Toulmé said...

Hi, I work for Intalio, and more precisely on its modeler. We released in May the beta of the new version of our product, which precisely allows to create more operations for the same BPEL file, using BPMN.

If you are interested, send me an email (antoine at nospam toulme dot name), and I'll be happy to give you more pointers on our product and what it exactly does in the SOA paradigm.

In the mean time, keep the good work! I like your blog a lot.