Monday, July 30, 2007

Define SOA without S, O or A

I was given a challenge today to define SOA without using the terms "Service" "Oriented" or "Architecture". What I came up with was

Its a way of modelling what a business does, then understanding who it works with and why the business works with those external parties and the different parts of itself.

Now I need to get it shorter and crisper, but I prefer that to "a style of software architecture" which doesn't really help anyone.

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Don said...

How about "Supporting Others' Activities"?? Better yet: "Standardizing Our Attitude".

On the other hand I would love to know why everyone thinks SOA is a "technology"? And a new idea?? When has business automation NOT been intended to improve and support business processes? Oooh, well, NEVER!

BUT the people who implement have often wandered down their own paths ignoring the divergence from the rest of the company. (Yes, 'company', not 'enterprise'.) Given the same people who built accounting systems according to the accounting textbook - as far as they understood it, anyway - without worrying about the doings of day-to-day workers; and who OO (perhaps should be Uh Oh) 'modeled' what they understood of a business process after a few meetings with the company experts; I don't think an 'Architecture' so self-important its followers call it a 'technology' is going to change anything.

It'll just continue the flow of money from those who wish life could be made a bit simpler to those who promise it will.

When the next-great-thing comes along, SOA will merely mean "Screwed Over Again".

Of course I'm really old and wouldn't mind going back to assembler because my code was better than your code.

Mehmet Aky├╝z said...

One definition of SOA that I most like is something I believe I've read at ZapThink. Good thing is the definition does not include any of of that S-word, O-word, neither A-word. It was something like : An aproach to organizing IT resources to better meet the changing needs of the business.

A nice definition, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Lately I wrote this article about SOA for ISVs.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...