Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Separation of Policy from implementation or why I've turned on the human check

One of the basic rules of SOA is that you should keep the operational polices of a service separate from the logic. In other words the bits that dictate how, when and whom for a service are managed differently from the "what" of the service.

Today I've had to turn on the human check for comments as I've had a series of SPAM links put onto the blog. This is in effect implemented as a policy, changing the policy doesn't alter the implementation (i.e. the process of adding a comment) it just adds in an additional step that fulfills the policy requirement that there should be a person commenting.

This is why things like WS-Policy, WS-Security and the WS-RX group specifications are important. They keep the policy pieces away from the implementation pieces and enable you to manage them independently.

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