Friday, November 30, 2007

SOA 2.0 comes back... now with added schwaz

Via the Tibco blog I came across this post which referred to a pdf which.... well you get the picture. There is a box which talks about "2nd generation SOA" in there which sounds oddly like SOA 2.0.

The challenge is that these "advances" are still focused on the next set of technologies that people want to sell you and not on making the structural and mindset changes that will actually deliver the benefits.

So not so much 2nd generation as the 2nd set of SKUs.

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Neil Ward-Dutton said...

Yup, well what can we expect from an advertorial like that one. The best we can hope is that no-one reading it takes it seriously.

Steve Jones said...

Hopefully so... but I'm not optimistic :(

MoneyMaker said...

I sure don't take it seriously