Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate technology, I love solutions

I've begun to realise something recently, I don't like technology. I love working in IT but its never the technology bits that get me excited, its always what you can do with them this is why I loathe discussions on "X is better than Y" as its really about what can you do with X and Y. Most of the time you can do the same thing, but maybe one of them makes it easier to reach the end goal.

This came home to me today when I took delivery of my lush new 3G iPhone. Seriously I've not been this excited about a gadget since the PS2 came out. The reason I like it isn't that its a smartphone or that its 3G, my work phone is 3G and its a smartphone and I loathe and detest it with a passion. No the reason I like it is because its such a damn smooth solution it just plain works. I don't care if they use Linux, OSX, Windows or Symbian, I don't care whether the applications "look the same" as the ones on my laptop (which is a Mac), I just care that it works and it gets the hell out of my way when I want to do things.

Oh but woe is me, the registration doesn't work their servers are getting canned and falling over. That is the technology part of the equation, someone somewhere hasn't scaled the infrastructure correctly and done the right sort of caching to make it all work. This first of all tells me I've been a complete sheep in buying the 3G iPhone because clearly there are loads of other people doing the same thing and secondly that technology breaks.

That is the difference, solutions are the bits that you use as an end-user. You only find out about the technology when it breaks.

Anyway its all gone through now and the bit I loved best.... when it rejected the default browser on my desktop VM because it fired up IE ;)

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Anonymous said...


Thats what I love about (lang prob NSFW) , people keep telling him "RTFM" or "RTFG" or "ooo - our wiki has the answer " - but the point is - a user shouldn't have to know what is happening at all - not give a damn about whats happening below -

I think there is a fundamental issue over here - most of the people coding this stuff are also designing it - as designers they think the way they would like the thing to work and being nerds they like being in control .... the future needs the designers to wrest control back .

Yogish Pai said...

The other day I did go the home page of an off-shoring SI (who shall remain nameless) and no matter what I did - I received a "mysql()" error. Guess what - they were immediately dropped from my shortlist.

As for the browsers - I hate IE, especially as just does not work on Vista (at least on my laptop). You will also be glad to know that nearly 40% of all users reading my blog use Firefox.

- Yogish

Anonymous said...

You will also be glad to know that nearly 40% of all users reading my blog use Firefox.

Then you are in serious trouble. Seriously! just shut down your blog.

If a blog about SOA which seems to target people interested in
"best Practices, Approach, Key Learnings, Blueprinting, Governance, and convergence of SOA, Web 2.0, Virtualization, BPM, etc."

doesn't have people visiting with IE , then you are clearly being visited by the wrong set of people (as a matter of statistics, don't go off into a firefox / IE rant)

And seriously, why would he / anyone be glad to know that people visiting your site are mostly using firefox??! Maybe you should post that in #firefox or something (although they too wouldn't care ... esp. for a site about SOA / BPM / ... )
hate IE, especially as just does not work on Vista

You really are astounding.
1. Where in this post did you get this idea of we are talking about what browsers you like and not like?

2. you couldn't get IE to work on Vista?!?!?! Internet Explorer on Microsoft's OS ! whats wrong with you? Is it an EEE PC ?

Steve, there doesn't seem to be any way at all to contact you directly .. why is that ?

I needed your views on contracts , and discuss some ideas I had about it .

Csabii said...

"the right sort of caching" LOL

maroun said...
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Monique said...

Yep, but people experinces determine what they want..
when you get the bad product then you said i hate this one.. but in other people will said this is a great ( may be they get the great product)