Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making the pilot a success

Okay so Gerald is off and running now, platform is deployed, some cracking problems that I'll blog about once we are 100% rolled out but the key right now is that we've got over 20,000 people to roll this out to and we need a champion. This means we need to bite off a bit that is a decent reference case but is also manageable.

All too often people go at these programmes and just because they can roll the technology out to all the people it means that its successful. It isn't successful until everyone is using the solution. This means good references and good credentials and a strong roll-out plan that includes briefings and training.

Technology deployment is easy, but doing it too fast can really hit your ability to deliver successfully. Provisioning everyone of those 20,000 people could be done tomorrow but that would create confusion and push-back which would ultimately lead to the failure of the programme.

So pick your champion, pick your pilot and make them look like a rock star.

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Comunidad informatica said...

Nice article, I completely agree with you and I think SOA is not the future but the present

tusjain said...

You are correct but you must have proper enterprise architecture to support SOA ecosystem.