Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Religion as a Service

Okay a few weeks ago I had a brain-wave for a new business. What do you really need for a business to take off in the "as a Service" space?
  1. It needs to be 80%+ commodity
  2. You need a large customer base
  3. You need the end customer to add their own differentiation
Above all I wanted a business that would be a much higher margin one than simply a SaaS business, which meant including the actual business process work as well.

Hence the idea for "Religion as a Service". Focusing initially on the Abrahamic religions (where lets face it around 80% of the rules and processes are the same) this would expand to enable a more active selection of deity (or alien race) and a greater degree of customisation around the rules of your newly created faith.

Religion as a Service goes far beyond simply providing you with a customised version of your "one single book that has all the truth in it" to actually providing you with a modern industrialised solution to your religion's needs. This includes
  1. A multi-language call centre to handle donations
  2. A set of "white-labelled" preachers who can be branded to your own faith (for cheaper religions this can be mutualised if the demand isn't there yet)
  3. An "avoid damnation" generic TV show including presenter with amazing hair that can be tailored to your religious target market
  4. Believers on Demand - a set of white labelled individuals from your core demographic to create the impression of an already thriving faith
  5. iPhone versions of your sacred text
  6. Place of Worship in a box - a high value service that converts buildings into a faith centre, in a similar manner to the successful "Irish pub in a box" model
  7. PR support to help you claim discrimination and subjugation
All of this is backed by a robust IT and BPO solution that handles training, indoctrination, HR, payroll, finance and accounts.

Because "Religion as a Service" isn't limiting itself to a single religious ideal it will be able to offer dramatically cheaper costs than establishing your own religion from scratch. For people looking to establish a new evangelical Christian sect for instance you can be up and running in a matter of hours and proclaiming yourself to be the 2nd coming of Christ without all of the massive overheads that this normally entails.

People with more demanding needs, for instance wanting to create a full church for the flying spaghetti monster, are still able to leverage the underlying resources and staff of RaaS but will need to invest more in the customisation of the central "core text", as this is however simply a reference volume and our staff are supported by the very latest holy knowledge management tools even the most esoteric demands can be met and scaled. This means that your local Cargo cult can rapidly be turned into a world wide phenomenon.

Religion as a Service's ability to leverage knowledge and resources across multiple faith channels means that it can offer new religions a much more efficient manner of scaling its followers and help a sect turn into a profitable business much more effectively.

Now all I need is a VC to fund it and I'm away.

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Logic Penalty Box said...

Great post. You forgot one point.

8. Sales force on-demand - a band of roving "design-believers" you can influence with chachkes to accost unsuspecting pedestrians and motorists with language that is not immediately understandable to their targets.