Tuesday, March 08, 2011

MDM, SOA and BPM - making processes simple

BPM is once again a hot topic. It seems several years ago where I said "if you want to get enterprise cash, learn BPEL"... in fact it was 5 years ago! However BPM really hasn't delivered on the promises and that is for three reasons

1) The Promises were too big
2) The implementations were too complex
3) BPEL rapidly became a Visual COBOL approach

Now I've said before that BPM screws up SOA and that SOA makes BPM simple, I'll stick with that and I'll now raise another piece in conjunction with SOA and MDM. This is actually a way to make BPM work more effectively, more simply and reduce the issues around elements such as process [de|]hydration. Namely that if you are in an area where BPM is the best implementation approach for a specific service's capability then using MDM helps to make its implementation simpler as you can work on key exchange rather than on content exchange.

Rather than BPM folks worrying about the schemas and exchange of core information that is left to MDM (where it belongs) and the SOA pieces handles the business domains part to make sure processes have clear boundaries and can be well managed.

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