Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Java SE - could it be more pointless?

Back in 2007 I gave a presentation on Java whose theme was that Java had won.

On slide 12 I put forward a proposal that I'd talked about here before as well in that Java needs to be professional and critically reduce to having a small core on which people can innovate and develop whether that be in smartphones, desktops, servers, virtual machines, smart cards or anything else that people dream up.  Simply put Java SE has no point in today's IT landscape as the 'primary' release on top of which everything else is done.

When I look at how SAP are pumping new life back into ABAP and how other languages are exploding, not because they make things better but because they address specific niche concerns.  High-performance computing still reverts to the assembly languages, in part because Java's bloat means it can't be tuned down to the core that they need.

The question is whether anyone has the guts to make the change or just continue on the road to obscurity.

Java needs a revolution, not another poor attempt at intelligent design.

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