Sunday, September 04, 2005

OASIS standards and SOA

Whey hey we've joined OASIS. It actually didn't take much convincing and that means we've now joined both the JCP, OASIS and Open-group (the later had nothing to do with me). And already we've started getting engaged. Its amazing how many people are really keen to get envolved and help out. I've decided to look at two at the moment, firstly SOA Reference Model which is already well underway and I just want to understand more, the second (and for me most interesting) is the SOA Blueprints which talk much more by demonstration. One interesting point is that no-one knows which group is to define the actual structure for services and how the blue prints, especially industry ones, will be constructed. I'd expect that to be a keen point of debate in the coming months as structure is, to my mind, essential to a successful SOA implementation.

The great thing about OASIS is that its nice and public so everyone can see what is going on. Could be an interesting ride.

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