Sunday, September 04, 2005

Some recent presentations and publications of mine...

I've been doing more and more stuff around SOA recently, most of which to be honest can't be published yet. But there is some stuff I've managed to get out there into the public domain. Apart from the definition of service one in IEEE Software I've also been out with BEA talking about Delivering SOA (which got a nice review off Radovan Janecek Why SOA Works, and Miko over on Yahoo's Service Oriented Architecture group). There is of course the work around JBI, where its a shame that the Industry Panel video isn't available (every little bit helps the Google count though!). I'm due to be presenting at BEAWorld in London, which will include a bit more around how you really do SOA, and also coming up is a specific presentation around SOA and Local government for the folks at IBM. To add to the "its not new" stuff it was partly this that was the basis of a presentation I did with Steve Meyfroidt @ Saint 2003 on Java and Web Services we talked then about the fact that WS was only one part of SOA. Hopefully we will get some more stuff out at work over the next few months, as SOA is becoming an ever hotter topic.

The reason for lobbing this up is I'm hoping to get more time to write around SOA and its good to get the background material in early. Should Blogs have bibliographies?

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