Tuesday, May 23, 2006

JavaOne thing now as a podcast too...

Well I've just noticed that the JavaOne thing is now available as a podcast. And I've decided to test out these Technorati Tag things to see how they work. Might start using them as a standard in future to link to other articles et al.

I remember way back when in 2000 when they talked about having everything available for Free from JavaOne, back then it was a huge deal and considered financially a bad move for Sun, its amazing now that its actually a key part of many of these events to get the message out. We'd find it odd these days if they didn't have podcasts and vodcasts.

Which brings me back to service architecture, delivery channels might change, and the importance and drivers of those channels might change but the actual logic and information doesn't change as quickly. A conference is still a conference, even if its delivery mechanisms have changed, its the same core business service it always was.

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