Sunday, May 21, 2006

SOA about the business - is the word spreading?

Over at the OASIS Symposium two weeks ago now myself and Mark Pettit talked about how SOA should be about IT delivering what the business wants rather than being about what is the current cool technology. From this we put out a press release to push the message of SOA being about the business not the technology.

Well the SOA blog over at ZDNet has picked it up, and I couldn't resist commenting.

» SOA — business or pleasure? | Service-Oriented Architecture |

Mainly the blog has focused on technology concerns, but recently and again in this article he references a recent seminar by David Foster who appears to be saying similar things.

Hell you never know, maybe it might catch on one day....

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Peter Evans-Greenwood said...

Perhaps we're starting to get it as CIO's begin to reposition their roles, shifting the focus from away technology issues in an attempt to make their role more relevant to the business.