Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SOA RM - exit poll indicates its going to be a standard

Okay there is still a few days to go on the vote, but the standards vote for the SOA Reference Model has passed the threshold it needs to become a standard, so as long as nobody votes "no" its going to make it. This means that for the first time in the history of SOA there is actually a standard that isn't about shifting XML from one place to another but is actually about the key concepts of SOA and the guiding principles that people applying SOA should abide by.

Phenomenal achievement by the team and in particular the chair who herded the cats, nice one Duane.

If you are doing SOA and you haven't read it already, then you really are causing yourself a lot of pain when you are trying to explain SOA to people. Get yourself a copy of the SOA Reference Model and have a read. If you use this as the definition of SOA in your organisation this gives you a much firmer base both with the business and IT and stops squabbling over minor points of detail. When you do use it, let the group know, we'd appreciate the feedback.

Whether you are doing WS, REST, Business Service Architectures, Shared Services or People Services the OASIS SOA Reference Model can define the basic principles in a consistent manner.

At last we have a standard for SOA that is about SOA and not about the technology.

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Anonymous said...

How do you have standards on an architectural approach?

Anonymous said...

The standard is a reference model. RM's such as the OSI 7 layer stack are often viewed as standards rather than models however a standard usually has a stricter form of conformance.

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