Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sad but it is December...

A simple game of blog tag for Christmas, on Sunday, Jeff Pulver started a game of "blog-tag" in which participants are asked to share 5 little known things about themselves, and then tag 5 people on their blogroll. Well as per the headline link I got tagged and hell its December.

Okay here are my five
  1. I hate horror films
  2. I'm nuts about snowboarding and watersports, I don't just mean I like them but that I'll drive 5 hours from SFO to Tahoe for 2 days and catch the red-eye to Toronto when there are only 5 open runs at Heavenly type nuts
  3. Every father in the world thinks his kids are the best... but only I am right
  4. I think Java (and all other C syntax languages) are rubbish, and much prefer Ada/Eiffel
  5. I met my wife in an Irish Pub in Paris, we went to a club, chatted the night away ended up walking along the Seine and then having breakfast in a little cafe just across the river from Notre Dame.
So who shall I tag... well why not Stefan Tilkov, Mike Morris, Andy Hedges, Dan Creswell and Cliff Richard?

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