Sunday, December 03, 2006

SOA is people

With all this REST v WS-* type of arguments flying about I thought I'd remind everyone of the most important thing in delivering successful Service based projects, systems and enterprises.
Yes folks the thing that will actually make or break your systems in the majority of cases will be the people. This means the talent of the people defining and delivering and the cultural changes in the wider organisation to accept and take advantage of the services effectively.

All too often in IT's obsession with technology we argue about the pointless and ignore the critical. If your SOA strategy and direction isn't centred around the people and practice changes, then it won't deliver the benefits you expect.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at your previous posting, "Want to be cool? Learn REST. Want a career? Learn WS."

Aren't you one of the people arguing about the meaningless REST v WS argument?

Steve Jones said...

I'm arguing about the meaninglessness of the argument... hell I never thought I'd get to use this word properly... I've been accused of floccinaucinihilipilification with regards to REST v WS-*, but no-one yet has managed to show any true value in the discussion.... hence somewhat bizarrely I've started arguments on exactly the floccinaucinihilipilification of REST v WS-*.

Would that be antifloccinaucinihilipilification?

Anto said...

Interestingly enough, following the discussion has lead me to a deeper understanding of the issues involved than I ever got from reading most of the literature on the subject (which is really the whole point of discussing things). I suspect the issues raised in the discussion will have a value that long outlasts the standards themselves.

I therefore dismiss as worthless your dismissal as worthless of the discussion.

Would that be antofloccinaucinihilipilification?

mkrigsman said...

Great post on key issues that drive project success or failure. I've posted about this article here.

Michael Krigsman

Anonymous said...

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