Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If I can't test my app, you don't have a product

One thing that is really beginning to irritate me with the pace of "progress" in Service Oriented Development technologies is how much is made of the new bell or whistle, and how little time is dedicated to making that facility actually operational. So we see a new tool that can only be deployed with an IDE, or a process engine with no async testing tool or a deployment process that has no audit trail.

What this leads to is great demos, bad projects and woeful operation. There really is no excuse these days to not have the basics done this means

1) Scripting of deployment, ideally with a supplied ant task
2) Test generation "answer", ideally as part of the suite, again this must be executable outside the IDE (e.g. from ant)
3) Security on deployment and logging

Having a "partnership" with someone who does these bits is fine, as long as its bundled and I don't have to pay more money for it. Having a "user" testing product isn't acceptable as that is UAT (the most expensive form of testing) and I'm after unit and system test.

If I can't professionally build, test and deploy my application on your product, then your product isn't professional.

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Andrew said...

It is as if you have read my mind. I'll be blogging about this soon too.


Noons said...

totally disagree that UAT is the most expensive form of testing: Microsoft has done it for 20 years now and never complained about costs...

as for making a facility actually operational, you're still thinking procedurally dude: abstract!

seriously now: spot-on! About time someone identifies the problem and talks about it.

Anonymous said...

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