Sunday, March 11, 2007

Why trusting the consumer is dumb...

I've seen some pretty dumb things in my time but today, crossing into San Francisco over the Bay Bridge I saw what ranks right up there with the dumbest things I've ever seen. Its also an object lesson in why expecting consumers to behave in the way you want and not doing something different (whether good or bad) is a strategy that is doomed to fail. Any strategy that expects consumers to "remember" information correctly and not prat about with it is going to fail, any strategy that assumes that consumers will always do only what you want is going to fail.

Watch this video and remember... this is an object lesson in why your service (or resource) won't be used in the way you expect.

I decided not to embed the vid into the post as that seemed a bit anti social. So One car, one seat, one phone, one woman and her dog is best watched over at you-tube. Apologies for the swearing but it was a very big truck.

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