Monday, September 22, 2008

Fibonacci - word of the week

I haven't rolled this into the project yet but its something that I've done before to raise the sense of community. Basically you pick an unusual word, but not too unusual, that people need to get into either a conference call, document or email. The word must fit within the context of the communication, not just a random shout out, and the non-included people on the call must not notice.

Today I decided on the word Fibonacci to test out the theory again, this was placed into a call with the phrase "we are starting from 1 and with any Fibonacci or exponential growth that means its about getting the next one".

Its the sort of little thing that helps bring people together and works very well in small teams within large scale programmes. Don't make it ridiculous or offensive just make it so its a word that could be used but requires some elegance to get it into context.

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1 comment:

William Vambenepe said...

How about: "lets go for lunch at Fibonacci's after the meeting. They have a great pine nuts pizza."

BTW, this explains a lot. People have been playing that game with the word "SOA" for a few years now. And lately they've switched to "cloud".