Monday, September 01, 2008

Its about WHAT not HOW

A shout out to Todd Biske with a brief post on his concerns on the current REST/WS/Monkey debate. I completely agree.

Lets focus on the WHAT not on the HOW. We've tried focusing on HOW for decades and its one of the things that has got IT into the mess it is.

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Rob Eamon said...

As Mark Griffin noted in comments to Biske's post, need to pay attention to both the what and the how.

Steve Jones said...

The order must be WHAT first not HOW. I'm always assuming that architects have a clue on HOW (they shouldn't be architects if they don't) and clearly that should constraint their thoughts. That is about the talent of the architect, to architect the WHAT in a way which ensure the HOW is simple.

Focusing on the HOW tends to turn the WHAT into WTF.

Architecture is WHAT, Engineering is HOW and an IT Architect should be both.

Rob Eamon said...

We violently agree.