Sunday, June 20, 2010

Business SOA and package delivery

I've been rather quiet this year, mainly due to being full out on a rather large programme delivery effort. Package and Data (MDM) rather than my normal SOA work but still very much around the Business SOA approach, and more in future on how to do Business SOA for a package and have a really strong governance approach to ensuring a successful package delivery.

But I thought I'd give a brief over view here.
  1. Detail the Business Services - including the "nearby" Business Services that aren't in your scope - this tells people at a high level what you are, and aren't, doing
  2. Create a "Business Catalogue" that details the fine detailed capabilities that the programme will be delivering.
  3. Map the catalogue to the Out of the Box (OOTB) functionalities in the package
  4. Create a strong governance approach around managing changes to the catalogue
  5. Document the capabilities using use cases. This gives you the explicit definition of scope that you need the enterprise to accept. These use cases are documented based on the OOTB what the package does, rather than being requirement gathering exercises
That is the high-level view and there will be more to come

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