Monday, June 28, 2010

Orange say that the iPhone 4 has been recalled

Okay so I've just got off the phone from Orange on the non-delivery of my iPhone and here are the litany of excuses

1) They ran out of stock

So I pointed out that they'd accepted the order from me, given me a fixed delivery date (the order went in at 2am on the Thursday and was confirmed at 9:05am). This seemed rather bizarre that they'd run out of stock that quickly

That is when it got a lot more interesting.

Then I was told that

2) "The phones have all been recalled as they've got an antenna problem and they keep crashing"

I pushed on this just to check and it was confirmed that the reason that Orange don't have any stock is because their has been a recall due to the antenna issue. The call centre drone said that the iPhone antenna issue was one thing and also that the phones kept on crashing.

I asked why, if it was a result of a recall why they hadn't emailed me about it, the reason was that

3) Their system was so overloaded that it couldn't handle the volumes.

I pointed out that they regularly seem to spam in pretty large volumes but apparently the iPhone is much higher in volume.

There was no hint of an apology and the stock line was "7-10 days or a full refund".

So either its straight Orange incompetence with a rubbish excuse or there are some major league iPhone 4 issues.


Anonymous said...

same thing happened to me the best thing you can do is hope to get some form of refund of them a few people have had £30 refunds

Anonymous said...

This is an Orange cock up. Got my iPhone 4 delivered the day after release from O2 with no problems. My wife has ordered hers on Vodafone through Carphone Warehouse and again no recall was mentioned.

Anonymous said...

they have been recalled.

Apple had designed the phone so part of the case acted as the Antenna to allow a wider range to gain signal, unfortunately, when people hold the case when they are using the phone, signal is lost completely!

signage said...

Interesting- if only all providers were the same