Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Web 2.0 a definition for managers

About 2 years ago now Andy Hedges summed up Web 2.0 to me as

Big Fonts, rounded edges

Although he claims he didn't invent this I'm going to credit it to him as I've not managed to track down a similar quote to get a better reference point for a presentation I'm writing.

Now of course there is the drive towards intimacy and of course there is the concept of the internet and the web as a platform. But seriously, how many sites are just the same as before but with "Big fonts, rounded edges"? Its almost as if the developers convinced management that this was all that was needed.

Same pig, different lipstick.

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1 comment:

mkj6 said...

Well... just saying "Your web site sucks, needs restyling" didn't work, but "You should move toward Web 2.0" is much more appealing.
Nobody have a clue, but sounds good.

That's like SOA: for most people you say "service-orientation" and "architectural style" and they hear "put synchronous SOAP Web-services everywhere and link them with a very expensive BPM tool (so, reduce your fault-tolerance by 10 times)"