Monday, February 25, 2008

SOA Vendors 2008 - A survey

For the last couple of years I've done a vendor assessment on what I thought of the various vendors. This year I've decided to do a Web 2.0 style ;) of thing as well. I've put online a survey form at where anyone can add in their assessment of vendors and how they are doing. What I will do once there is a reasonable bit of data in it is start publishing the graphs in summary form first and then at the end I'll release all theinfo so anyone can have a look at the raw stuff.

If there are any vendors I've missed off who matter let me know.

Cheers for the help

To be clear on the scoring - 1 = Rubbish or zero functionality, 10 = PERFECT and could NEVER be improved

The odds on a ten are pretty low.

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Sebastian said...

So basically you are just looking at technical SOA vendors, right?

Richard Veryard said...

Could you please clarify the purpose of this survey? Let's imagine IBM ends up with a score of x, and Oracle ends up with a score of y. What would this actually mean, and what practical implications would it have either for corporate procurement and strategy, or for the vendors themselves?

Sebastian raises a fair question about the exclusion of service providers (Google, Salesforce) and system integrators (er, Capgemini). I also wonder about the granularity - does it make sense to score IBM as a whole, or should you score each of the IBM brands (Websphere, Rational, Tivoli) separately?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the point of this blog. You keep saying SOA is not about technology. So how does SOA vendors come in to play?

Steve Jones said...

Sebastian - yes

Richard - The point is to the same as last year but this time to also have other feeding back. On the other service providers its a good point... but probably not for me to do. I'd say look at the vendors as a whole so yes look at IBM Software with all its brands and then ask how integrated, clean, simple and seamless it is.

Anon - There are two worlds of SOA, the Business SOA and the Technical SOA, its a shame they have the same name but its still important to understand what happens when the rubber hits the IT road.

Jonathan said...


I wanted to contact you about including Intalio in the survey but couldn't find a contact for you.

Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided if you have any questions.

Jonathan Crow

Anonymous said...

When can we see the results?