Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vendors move away from SOA, can we get on and do some work now?

Over the last few months I've seen a very nice shift in the focus of software vendors away from SOA & Business Process towards their next piece of string, Complex Event Process (CEP). Now this is being pushed as "part of SOA" but this is really great as it really focuses the vendors as being in the technical SOA space over the business SOA space. Oracle are focusing on the Grid infrastructure for scalable and reliable SOA infrastructures. These are all very positive things as they more firmly underline the difference between the technology enablement of SOA from its business definition. This is a very good thingTM as it highlights the missing area much more effectively than the confusion that was caused by the Web Service and BPEL focus that claimed to be business oriented but in reality was not.

This represents a real evolution of the T-SOA market, in particular with Oracle focusing more on the operational side of the technology over the bells and whistles approach.

Now the question is can SOA as a business concept be revived and establish itself as the way to think and deliver SOA with the vendors providing simply the platform on which it operates.

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Nigel said...

Sorry Steve, you can't (TM) "a very good thing" as there is prior art - 1066 and All That see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1066_and_All_That (published 1930). Possibly the best history book ever written :-)

Partha S Sengupta said...

Hi Steve,
I read your current and old articles on SOA. They real fantastic. I am looking for a guidance to seriously start with SOA.
My email is Partha.Sengupta@capgemini.com

Paul VIncent said...

Bad news I'm afraid - Complex Event Processing is somewhat orthogonal to SOA (and BPM). For sure, Oracle/BEA and IBM are trying to jump on what they see as a "CEP bandwagon", but for sure they'll keep hands and feet on the SOA and BPM bandwagons too...
The good news is that CEP can help drive new BPM and SOA (and IMHO is a-kind-of service anyway), and us existing CEP vendors are indeed getting on with real work!