Friday, May 09, 2008

Ending JavaOne with a crash

Well that was a dramatic finish to JavaOne. Myself and Duane were due to do a repeat presentation today at JavaOne on SOA Level Setting around the OASIS SOA Reference Model. Duane emailed me earlier in the day to say that he had been very sick over night and had just been to see the Docs. I told him I'd fly solo but the Canadian Billy Idol vowed to carry on as only a man ignoring the bloody obvious can.

Looking like crap we kicked off and it was going fine, in fact we made it to the last slide and then it went a bit like this

Me: You okay?
Duane: No I need to sit down
Me (to audience): Sorry about this Duane has a bit of a virus....

I then turn around and see Duane taking a bit of a kip on the floor, he'd gone from upright to horizontal in one seamless motion, brilliantly meaning that we avoided a Q&A session. After a short trip to the medical centre Duane recovered and was lobbed into a cab to catch a flight back up to the frozen north.

So lessons learnt today include the all important one.... if you feel like crap stay in bed, the world will go on and you won't end up as a YouTube highlight (please tell me someone got it!)

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Andreas Öhlund said...

Look at this while you wait for the real one...