Friday, May 23, 2008

I should not speak in airport lounges

An airport lounge on a Friday afternoon is a dreadful place to be. You know there is no work in the morning and you know that you are just travelling for a pointless period of time before you get home. This is why you should never to speak to anyone in a hotel lounge. I won't say what country I was in and I won't say what lounge it was but I don't apologise for the conversation I just had... I just wish I hadn't had the rather nice cognac before I had the discussion.

There was a chap on the phone, nice suit, nice conversation skills. On the phone I heard the following

"Why don't we just put some more people on it"
"How hard can it be to learn"
"We've been doing it for 6 months we must understand it enough to explain to someone else"
"You are just making excuses, do it"

When he got off the phone he saw me looking at me and shrugged (he had been a little loud) so I kicked off the conversation asking what it was about. We had a chat... I browsed Wikipedia and showed him the MMM page, explained to him (clearly much better than the person on the other end) why his plan wouldn't work. He explain more detail and I explained why his IT department had screwed up right at the start.

I apologise to the poor bugger on the other end of the phone who will get slammed on Monday morning for how he handled the requirements process at the start of the project, but seriously, if you don't argue early then no-one listens to the arguments later on.

Damn fine Congac though.

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Anonymous said...

'..he saw me looking at me and shrugged..'


Steve Jones said...

I'm a circular dependency me ;)

Okay so I was looking at him. Bloody fine Cognac though.

Mberenis said...

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