Thursday, May 01, 2008

VM backup problems

One of the best things about working in a Virtual Machine environment for work is that you can take a full backup of the machine and if there are issues roll back to it. This has worked really well when I've been installing software that tended to trash Windows, but I came across a big problem today as I tried to resolve my space problem.

I decided to revert to a saved VM from 12 months ago and then just take the security updates and copy over it the modern files that I had.

Err slight problem. My work policy is for a new Password ever month and I pride myself in having passwords that are tough to break.

So yes I have the VM. Yes it starts up... but can I remember the password? Can I bollocks. So its in to work to connect to the network to get the "right" tokens and password. The point however is clear.

If you are backing up a VM... make sure that you have a local admin account set up as well, otherwise its just a nice set of files that give you a pointless login screen.

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