Monday, March 03, 2014

Musketeers Day - All Four One and One Four All

Okay in the spirit of brotherly love, helping people out and of course International Talk Like a Pirate Day I think we should declare April the 1st 2014 as Musketeers Day.  Why? Well for the vast Gregorian Calendar (non-US) part of the world the date will be 4/1/14 or All "four one and one four" All.

In honour of that day, and as it falls on April Fool's day to boot I declare the following:

  1. All people should declare fealty to the French King
  2. Each office should have an appointed D'Artagnan who must do most of the work while others take the credit
  3. Wearing of swords is mandatory
  4. As are floppy hats
Musketeers Day will not happen for another 100 years!

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