Monday, March 03, 2014

Software Development Wave 3: the enterprise developer

This is the stage at which software development begins to commoditise itself, its no surprise that underneath all that scripting lurked rather a lot of Java code.  This wave sees the rise of the libraries, the utilities and above all the commoditisation of software in a way that enables the majority of developers to be useful in the enterprise.  This was the goal of Spring, JEE and numerous other frameworks but also the aim of BPEL and other visual process approaches which leveraged the Java platform.  Now some may argue this wave hasn't crashed, but I'm sorry it has, the innovation in the core enterprise space in the last few years has been practically zero, the brains have been elsewhere even if the money hasn't.

The new wave is going to do much of the same as the old wave, including mistaking SOA for being about end-points rather than architecture.  This time however the orchestrations and work is going to be much more about straddling organisations and collaboration than just delivering internal solutions.  Having multiple companies working together on something is going to need some pretty fancy tooling and its my money that this space sees the next generation of enterprise software solutions that kick off the next wave of packaged software/SaaS focused investment in IT.

This is part of a series of posts on Why Software Development is the next big Wave and is preceded by Wave 1: The Personal Developer and Wave 2: The team Developer and followed by Wave 4: Back to the package

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