Monday, October 13, 2008

Google App Engine - How many megas in a giga cycle?

Well the Mandel Map testing is well underway to stress out the Google cloud. 12 hours in and there is something a bit odd going on....

Notice that the peak says that it was doing 4328 megacycles a second, and its generally been doing quite a bit with the 1000 megacycle a second barrier being broached on several occasions.

Now for the odd bit. According to the quota bit at the bottom I've used up 0.00 Gigacycles of my quota. Now the data one looks a little strange as well as it is firing back a lot of images and its not registering at all. So despite all of that load I've apparently not made a dent in the Google Apps measurements for CPU cycles or for data transfer. To my simple mind that one peak of 4328 megacycles should be around 4 Gigacycles however you do the maths. It really does seem to be a staggering amount of CPU and bandwidth that is available if all of this usage doesn't even make it to the 2nd decimal place of significance.

So here it is again to see if this helps rack up the numbers!

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