Saturday, October 18, 2008

Google App Engine, not for Web 2.0?

Redirect doesn't help on quota but something else does...

The block size has increased from 54x54 to 100x100 which still fits within the quota at the normal zoom (but is liable to break quota a bit as we zoom in). This moves the number of requests per image down from 625 to 225 which is a decent drop. Of course with the redirect we are at 450 but hopefully we'll be able to get that down with some more strategies.

The point here is that when you are looking to scale against quotas it is important to look at various things not simply the HTTP related elements. If you have a page view quota the easiest thing to do is shift bigger chunks less often.

One point that this does mean however is that Google App Engine isn't overly suited to Web 2.0 applications. It likes big pages rather than having a sexy Web 2.0 interface with lots and lots of requests back to the server. GMail for instance wouldn't be very good on App Engine as its interface is always going back to the server to get new adverts and checking for new emails.

So when looking at what sort of cloud works for you, do think about what sort of application you want to do. If you are doing lots of Web 2.0 small style AJAX requests then you are liable to come a cropper against the page view limit a lot earlier than you thought.

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