Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now we're caching on GAs

GAs = Google AppEngineS. Rubbish I know but what the hell. So I've just added in Memcache support for the map so now its much much quicker to get the map. Now the time taken to do these requests isn't very long at all (0.01 to do the mandelbrot, 0.001 to turn it into a PNG) but the server side caching will speed up the request and lead to it hitting the CPU less often...

Which means that we do still have the option of making the map squares bigger now as it won't hit the CPU as often, which means we won't violate the quota as often.

So in other words performance tuning for the cloud is often about combining different strategies rather than one strategy that works. Making the squares bigger blew out the CPU quota, but if we combine it with the cache then this could reduce the number of times that it blows the quota and thus enables it to continue. This still isn't effecting the page view quota however and that pesky ^R forces a refresh and the 302 redirect also makes sure that its still hitting the server, which is the root of the problem.

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