Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Carbon Travel Tracker

Okay so now in the iTunes Store is my first attempt at an application that does something actually useful. Its the Carbon Travel Tracker. I travel a lot, not as much as some but quite a lot more than most, two questions always came to mind

1) Just how much do I really travel
2) What is the Carbon impact of that
In the spirit of 'if you don't measure it you can't change it' this really was an application where I wanted it to be really hands off.  I don't want to have to enter all of my travel, I want my phone to stalk me all the time and work out what sort of travel I'm doing and what is the impact of that.

There is much more on the application on the Carbon Travel Tracker support pages but here are a few highlights

  1. Tracks automatically in the background - kick it off and it just runs
  2. Automatically splits travel into sections/journeys and makes an educated guess on the travel type
  3. Allows you to manually override whole sections or sub-sections with the actual travel type
  4. Records your distance traveled in the day, week, month, year and since the app was installed
  5. Records the carbon impact of that travel
  6. Tells you how many times around the world that travel equates to
  7. Tells you how many trees, over the same time period, it would take to make you carbon neutral
The purpose is really to have a map so my kids can see where I've been an it sort of escalated from there.

So the map required points, points gave me distance and speed, speed & distance gave me travel types and finally that gave me the carbon impact.

So I now know that basically I don't have a Carbon Footprint, I have a Carbon Body bag.  Now as it says at the top, this app is now:

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