Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IBM enter the "package" market via the services door

In Paris IBM announced the IBM SOA Business Catalog which is a catalog of 300 services from themselves and partners which they claim will help kick start peoples technical programmes.

Looking through the services some are pretty abstract or low level (for instance there is a RAS for "Enterprise Patterns") some are service offers and lots aren't the sector specific elements that they claim, just technologies plugged for each sector (look for WBI Adapter for iSeries as an example) BUT its an interesting question as to whether a company like IBM, and its partners such as the "tier 2" package vendors, can start providing services with real business value.

As the technology in this space becomes more commoditised in the coming years this availability of business content is going to be important. It also makes an interesting question when looking to rent or own your capabilities (because at the moment IBM's catalog is definitely in the capabilities not services area) as it could give you another option over the big package vendors.

These sorts of moves make sense for IBM, who've always insisted they won't build packages, as they can concentrate on newer or more niche capabilities and leave the real back-office commodity market alone. It also means that IBM's WebSphere suite will have a real "business content and value" marketing spin to compete against Fusion and Netweaver.

So IBM aren't doing package... they are just looking to provide standard business capabilities.... not quite sure how that will look different in 2 years time.

One aside, the catalog is on a website... lotus as the business service arm of IBM?

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Neil Ward-Dutton said...


Now look at the acquisitions of Webify and MRO.

After these, and the developments in Lotus (or "WPLC", as they like to call it these days) - for IBM to continue the pretence that "they don't do applications" is ludicrous.