Sunday, June 18, 2006

SOA Feng Shui - colours, positions, sizes

My wife Heather and her friend Cath (now Mrs Meyfroidt) one day mocked the number of acronyms that Steve and I talked about by inventing one of their own, namely JFS a little known Java API called Java Feng Shui. Its been something I've used in a few interviews when people claim to know about all Java APIs, and its amazing how often people claim to have programmed using JFS, but can't quite recall what it did.

Anyway the reason for bringing this up is I just saw an SOA architecture diagram which used no colours at all (everything was just blank white boxes) and everything was a randomly different size.

I've no idea what Feng Shui is about, but when you are creating a service architecture do think about basic design principles this means limited (but effective) use of colours, sizes that reflect the importance of elements and visible alignments between related elements.

SOA Feng Shui... it wouldn't be the stupidest thing I'd read about SOA this year.

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