Sunday, June 11, 2006

SCA and JBI, match made in heaven?

A while back Edwin made a post about SCA and JBI and the differences between them. I won't bother repeating what he said, and explained, around the differences between the two. Applying this to the previous post on treating IT as a business domain, where its important not to get bogged down in these technology discussions made me think about how JBI and SCA work very well together in terms of mentally helping people to separate the technology challenge for integrating products (JBI) from the development challenge of invoking multiple business services (SCA).

Having this clear architectural, and mental, separation between these two areas is liable to make architectures based on them much clearer than those who adopt a single approach. SCA wasn't designed to do infrastructure (IMO), while JBI was 100% not aimed at helping developers! Currently IBM and BEA are SCA only in their strategy, while Sun are only JBI. Microsoft of course have neither... its a bit of a hint to the folks in Redmond, don't you think you need a component/deployment approach?

I should put my hands up to a vested interest as a member of the JBI group, that said at work we were also heavily involved in the IBM Process Server beta programme which is where SCA made its debut. Both are good technologies, SCA IMO is brilliant for development, and it will be interesting to see how SAP and Oracle (who have both said they will support both) develop their products in the coming 12 months.

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