Saturday, June 17, 2006

Java SE 6 - Sun add more bloat and no more brains

Oh those wonderful people at Sun, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for those of us who build professional applications... they've decided to lob a DATABASE into the standard build What's New in Java SE 6 Beta 2 (Mustang). On Francois Orsini's blog he comments "I'd like the idea of including JPA" well maybe you might Francois but I can tell you from the JSR group that Sun opposed its inclusion. I made the point at the time that if you wanted to help developers then you'd be better off putting in JPA than putting in JAX-WS and a Web Server.

So the JDK bloats up yet again to please some mythical development market that Sun wants to please. Considering that Sun felt that they didn't have time to add reflection for parameter names into the language (which makes scripting and rules processing harder) its pretty impressive how much time they've found to lump crap that professional developers don't need.

Now of course its "just" the JDK so thank god Tomcat have moved away from using the JDK compiler for JSPs, but this really does indicate that Sun's vision for Java SE is a bloated kitchen sink of a system, with little thought put into the pieces.

As was said in the JSR group on Java SE 6, JPA and EJB 3.0 persistance would have been more useful to the majority of developers on desktop clients and lightweight apps than the inclusion of JAX-WS. Sun opposed that inclusion, but now have put in a bloody database without putting in anything that helps developers to use it. An intelligent organisation would have looked to either include JPA with that database or would have realised that bundling a database and making "Joe Average" developers (Sun's stated target market) work at the JDBC level is foolish.

I repeat my call for a change in approach for Java SE 7, but quite clearly Sun are looking to put in yet more crap... what next? They've put in a web server and a database with scripting support... why not just bundle PHP so people can just do LAMP?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - just can't seem to figure this out can they?

If we assume J2SE is the "common mans" JDK distribution, does the "common man" always use a Database? Sure Oracle would like it to be that way but the answer is no. So why is this in J2SE?

Surely, as we have J2ME, J2SE and J2EE, the logical thing would be to bundle the database into J2EE where it is far more likely to see immediate use?

I find it laughable that a platform such as Java with its support for downloadable code, JNLP etc is handled by a bunch of people who feel the need to package everything and the kitchen sink into a single download. What this says to me is that the people defining and building J2SE have zero understanding of the subtleties of the Java platform - that is not good news.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what they are going to put in next, perhaps an LDAP server or even a mail server wouldn't be too insane for the current trend. Actually these aren't worse than a database... I'm trying to think of something more stupid than a database to put in the JDK... thinking... thinking... perhaps Solaris 10, you know it's only an extra 2GB and everyone needs an Operating System for their Java apps, right? -- Andy